Say Aloha to Makai!

From the animal shelter to a top model

dallas dog photographer photographs dog makai lying on rock in park

This cute little fella was living in an animal shelter on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. When friend and fellow photographer, Kim Ortiz and her husband were vacationing in Hawaii, she spent some time volunteering at the shelter. While taking photos of dogs available for adoption, Kim met Makai, a little chi-mix full of love and spunk. The slight disability on his front paw not slowing him down one bit. And she quickly fell in love with him. Kim and her husband adopted Makai and brought him home to live with them and their other dogs. They decided to name him Makai, which in Hawaiian means ocean. Isn’t that such a great name?!

Makai is now one of Kim’s models for her own photography studio. From living in a shelter to super model. Talk about one lucky pup! I was so excited to meet and photograph him. He was so darling, showing us his sweet smile that spread from ear to ear and a tail that never stopped wagging. And I just loved the little alfalfa sprout of white fur on the top of his head! I’m so happy he found his forever home. Many happy tails to you, Makai!

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  • What a great capture of Makai and his story Kristy. It’ was love at first sight for me when I saw Makai (JoJo) on the Kauai Humane Society website. I decided I wanted to take him out on the island for the day. After I photographed him and his other friends at the rescue, we spent the day going to the beach, farmers market, had shaved ice and everywhere we went on the island, everyone knew him. We fell in love with his spunk and happiness. Because is his disabled leg, we felt we needed to take him home because he may not get adopted. He has been the best dog. We love our Makai.

    • Kristy

      Kim, thank you for such a fun morning! I enjoyed photographing Makai and learning more about his adoption story. It makes me so happy when rescues find such loving homes!

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