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It all began with a Dachshund named Heidi

A quick story about the dog who started it all…

Many years ago, there was a darling little dachshund named Heidi. Being a digger by nature, she would repeatedly dig under the newly repaired fence in her backyard to sniff and explore the little neighborhood where she lived. She made many friends along the way, often having sing-a-longs, cookouts, and even sleepovers at their houses. The sweet, roaming dachshund would usually be returned home the next day, but she desired a life full of adventure, and most importantly, a best friend to enjoy life with. So she would sneak out of her yard again and again, in search for a happier life.

One day, Heidi ventured across a very busy street to play with the neighborhood kids on the other side. A car, one of many, came within feet of hitting her as she didn’t quite realize the danger she was in. The cars would honk and Heidi, being a fierce girl who was bred to chase vermin, would bark back at them as if to say “Can’t you see I’m walking here? My legs are a bit short, so give me a minute”.

She was not only cute, but she stood her ground. And my daughter, naturally fell in love with her.

I found myself asking her family if they were aware that Heidi was constantly out and about, risking her life to cross the street to play with the kids. They said they knew she would occasionally sneak out, but they were unable to keep her from digging out of their yard. When I asked if we could adopt her and keep her safe as an indoor dog at our home and a companion for my daughter, they agreed. And that’s how a little red miniature dachshund named Heidi became a part of our family.

Many photos of Heidi and my daughter soon followed. Heidi in pearls, Heidi in a hot pink feather boa, Heidi in a bicycle basket. She was the joy and sunshine every little girl dreams of in a best friend. All 10 lbs of her.

But the photos are small, crinkled, and the negatives are long gone

Those photos bring us so many great memories, but they are small (4×6), some are old & crinkled, some out of focus, some have the reflection of glowing eyes, many with ugly, dated carpet. And who knows where those photo negatives are. I only wish today that I had a beautiful image of her to display in our home. One that reflected her hilarious spirit, her zest for life, her adorable smile and HUGE personality all rolled into one compact, sweet little dog. She was a part of our family for many, many years and to this day, we still talk about her and her goofy antics.

This is why I want to be your dog photographer

Simply put, dogs are family. All dog parents should have beautiful images of the dog’s they love. Let’s take your dog to their favorite environment where they can explore and express their unique personalities, while I capture their joy through photography. I want to provide you with beautiful, custom artwork so you have something in which to enjoy every day… and later, to cherish, long after their tails have propelled them through heaven’s gates. I’d love to create something special for you of your dogs. To see if I am the best dog photographer for you, let’s have a brief chat. Click the Schedule A Session below and I’ll be in touch shortly!

Kristy Trick dog photographer with husky puppies

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