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- I live with my husband, our uber hyper yorkie, our graying golden retriever, and one very sassy cat in Northwest Arkansas. I am originally from Dallas and go back as often as possible to visit family and friends. And for the Tex-Mex. And BBQ.

- I earned my BBA in Marketing from University of North Texas while being an only parent.

- I auditioned to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader but completely froze during our introductions. Sooooo thankful this was before the DCC TV program!

- I will choose chips and salsa over sweets every time.

- As a kid, I tried building a swimming pool in our backyard. Yes, in the ground. With a shovel. Mom wanted to ground me for tearing up her grass but dad knew my shoveling wouldn't last long. He was right.

- I collect my passport.

- And I love taking portraits of pets!
KRISTY TRICK | PHOTOGRAPHER | CRAZY DOG LADY The photo my mother handed me was of a darling little white poodle. "Isn't she cute?!" she exclaimed with her joyous giggle. Miss Poodle was sitting very prim and proper in front of a red backdrop, her neck draped in pearls and she was smiling from ear to ear. She knew she was a star in the making. I mean, what shelter dog would be pampered and photographed in such a glamorous setting. The photo being taken was to help her get adopted from a local animal shelter. I have no doubt that sweet girl was quickly picked up to be the newest member of some lucky family.

That photo has been stamped inside my mind for over 20 years and it was captured by someone hoping to change the way animals in shelters were photographed. It was the photo introduced me to pet photography. While my career has been in corporate marketing, my entrepreneurial spirit and love for animals led me to start my own pet photography journey back in 2013.
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