8 Fun Activities To Do With Your Dog This Spring

golden retriever dog standing in field of Texas bluebonnets

It’s the beginning of spring and it’s finally warming up outside! It makes me so happy because I will admit, I’m not a fan of the cold. I’d much rather play with dogs in the house than be outside in the frigid winter weather. We’ll play games in the house and even play an occasional game of fetch the ball. I know, I know… it’s not smart to play ball in the house because things can accidentally break. But so far, we’ve only had one lamp casualty and a plant that was taken out when the brakes failed on one of our dogs. HA! So we really welcome the spring season and are looking forward to all of the fun activities we can do with the dogs again outdoor. I’m happy to share some fun activities we’ve enjoyed together and some new ones we plan to do this season with our two dogs.

Explore, Sniff & Enjoy Treats

1 – Take The Dogs Geocaching
One of the great things about geocaching is that it’s a GPS enabled treasure hunt played outdoors, so your dog can join along and help you sniff out the clues! You can learn how to play and where to get started locally at Geocaching.com.

Golden retriever Rudy with ice cream on his nose
iPhone photo of Rudy and his cute ice cream covered nose.

2 – Have an Ice Cream Social 
Celebrate the start of spring with your friends and their dogs by hosting an Ice Cream Social! You can pick up some ice cream made especially for dogs at your local grocer or just make your own using dog friendly ingredients. 

3 – Explore a New Dog Park
With dog parks becoming an essential offering for many cities today, there are more options for you to choose from. So try visiting a different park in your area. Your dog will love all of the new smells, trails, features and friends! 

4 – Take Your Dog To New Skills Classes
Your dogs will love getting a mental workout with some classes at your local dog training center. Check out classes that can teach your pet new tricks, exercise their agility, or even explore and hunt new treats using their nose work skills.

5 – Go On A Scavenger Hunt
Today you can find options for urban scavenger hunts that you can compete at your own time and pace. And with many being completely outdoors means your pups can participate! Tip: Look for games and deals on sites like Groupon.

6 – Try New Dog Friendly Recipes
Get in the kitchen and try crafting some new homemade dog treats! With the increased demand of dog friendly recipes, there are sooo many websites and books offering recipes for tasty pet snacks. You’re sure to find your pet an excited and eager taste tester!

7 – Find A Dog Friendly Patio
You and your dogs can enjoy some fresh air and warm sun while sampling treats and eats at a local restaurant offering a dog friendly patio. Just don’t forget to bring their leash and a portable bowl for water, just in case.

8 – Schedule a Photo Session
Spring is a magical time to have photos taken of your pet! With the trees, grasses and flowers coming into bloom, it’s a beautiful season for colorful outdoor photos. And better yet, it’s not blazing hot outside… yet! Hmmm, and I think I know someone I can re-FUR you to! 😉
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We’d love to hear from you which activities you enjoy doing with your pups when it’s nice weather outside, so share with us in the comments!

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